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<…> And yet I had my doubts about this attribution. For one thing, that childhood wasn’t all that happy (a childhood seldom is, being, rather, a school of self-disgust and insecurity); and as for the Baltic, you had indeed to be an eel to escape my part of it. At any rate, as a subject for nostalgia this childhood hardly qualified. The source of that attraction, I’d always felt, lay elsewhere, beyond the confines of biography, beyond one’s genetic makeup – somewhere in one’s hypothalamus, which stores our chordate ancestors’ impressions of their native realm of – for example – the very ichthus that caused this civilization. Whether that ichthus was a happy one is another matter.

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Гадаю по солнцу - ищу ответ
Можно уйти от себя или нет
Свет, солнечный свет
До угля выжег волосы
Те слова, что не сказаны в голос
Смерть - словно полосы
Словно ступени вверх
Для тех
Кто решил идти наугад
Дай мне руку и нам станет не страшно... (c)

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